At Rob Anderson Construction, we understand the value of family. As a Fourth generation contractor with many realitives who are also contractors, the tradition of quality and service continue. Rob's great grandfather (Ed Anderson) started a construction business with his grandfather, Edward Anderson in 1962. As the years went on, the Andersons added more family and expanded into the craft of cabinet making. Later, in 1978, the Andersons partnered with Dynamic Homes and in 1985, Rob's father, Ron, took over the business and Dynamic Dealership.

Over the course of the next 18 years (1985-2003), Anderson Construction completed 101 Dynamic Homes. Rob grew up around the jobsites and learned the ropes at a young age. Those first years he may have been in the way more than anything, but he became an excellent sweeper. In the 90's the business expanded into excavation equipment, and some over the road trucking as well. In 2003, Rob Anderson took over the business and Dynamic Homes dealership from his father and incorporated as Rob Anderson Construction.

Rob thoroughly enjoys being self employed and working directly with and for his customers. His goal is to be a fair and honest businessman as his father taught him. He also enjoys the variety of work that RAC brings. Since 2003, RAC has completed 13 Dynamic Homes and numerous other construction projects.

Rob currently lives in Newfolden, MN in a Dynamic Home constructed in winter of 2004-05. He and his wife Angie have three children, Katie, Zak, and Isaak and are heavily involved in the local community.



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